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Ruam Mit in Thailand working together with Mith Samlanh/Friends of Cambodia

Ruam Mit, a Thai foundation providing training to vulnerable youth, has just developed a cooperation agreement with Mith Samlanh/Friends a leading NGO for Street Children in order to benefit from the wealth of “Friends” experiences in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Vientiane (Lao PDR).

Under the agreement which is part of the European Commission backed programme: “Inter-Regional Cooperation for the development of a common response to drug use and it’s consequences in the Asian and Caribbean Region-ASI/AIDCO/2001/0397”, implemented by DOH-International, Mith Samlanh/Friends has undertaken to assist the Thai NGO in Chiang Mai in the development of the programme and the building of institutional capacity.

Ruam Mit, with the help of “Friends”-Cambodia will seek to expand it’s operational capacity as well as develop an appropriate methodology that will address the needs of young people passing through the programme of training in Baking.

This marks another important step in effective networking among NGOs and Service providers in Asia. The assistance that “Friends” of Cambodia is and will be providing covers methodology, strategy and administration. Both NGOs concentrate on vulnerable youth that are socially excluded due to poverty, lack of education resulting often in drug dependency and high-risk behaviour.

The cooperation between the two NGOs will be carried out through staff exchange, in-service (on the job) training and regular support visits by Senior Staff from “Friends”. Initial support was provided in August and September with a strategic planning exercise, a training on proposal writing and an administrative audit.

This type and level of cooperation is becoming increasingly necessary in order to respond to ever increasing needs and ever decreasing resources to address those needs effectively. The expertise build up by many individual NGOs form a powerful tool to maximise the existing resources for the benefit of the population the programme is trying to serve.