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Nejat seeks to address the needs
of active drug users and their families

Today Kabul is facing a rapid growth in the number of returning refugees especially from Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, as well as from the Middle East resulting in Kabul’s population now numbering over 5million inhabitants. A negative development from this increase is refugees with drug dependency bringing into Kabul not only different substance use but also new and high-risk drug using behaviour.

For this reason, Nejat has decided to develop an outreach component with the goal to set up a drop-in facility in some of the communities severely affected by drug use and long-term drug dependency.

The aim is to provide services for active drug users and their families by providing care and assistance aimed to mitigate in peoples drug using behaviour. The goal being not necessarily to achieve complete abstinence among active drug users but rather to provide care in the community that will allow individuals and groups to modify risk behaviour as well as develop ways to re-socialize individuals who have been extremely marginalized in the community.

This activity will initially begin with a team of four (Nejat trained) staff who have been undergoing, over the past years, in-service training as well as formal training courses and Seminars. The team consist of three women and one man. All have already extensive experience in working in residential and community care.

The European Union is supporting this project through the Commission’s drugs budget line, with the technical assistance of DOH-International.

Outreach Team