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The Oasis Drop in Centre held its second annual Christmas luncheon on Wednesday 22nd December 2004.This years function was attended by over one hundred homeless persons most of whom are active drug users.

The menu was ham, turkey, pastelle, a Christmas rice, peas and fresh salad. For refreshment sorrel and orange juice was served.

For many who attended the function it was the best meal they had for the Christmas season. Long before the Christmas they were asking about the luncheon since the Oasis has come to represent a place of solace for many of them who visit on a daily basis. It was a fitting end to the year and we look forward to 2005 to better serve them.

Uli kohler our DOH director was in Trinidad at the time and attended and participated in the Christmas luncheon together with Steve ‘LT’ Richards Caribbean Regional Programme and director of Rebirthouse.

Respectfully submitted
Joseph ‘joe’ Meharris