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BASH's nursery

Car undergoing minor surgery

Terry (Director) looking on the new enterprise activities

Bahamian Director acts after visit to
NGOs in Asia:

Terry Miller reports:

From the very inception of Bahamas Association for Social Health I envisioned a totally self-sufficient programme utilizing the resources of our clients to develop income generating programmes that would not only fund the programme but would also provide work therapy and skills development for our clients. However, for more than eleven years we struggled with this dream, not being able to actually bring it into reality.

My recent visit to Asia arranged by DOHi, and The European Commission, to observe the work of our Asian counterparts added new insights to a wavering commitment. Upon my return from ‘The Asian Summit’ I immediately began restructuring and reorganizing our income generating projects. This approach has become even more urgent as businesses begin to feel cut back as a result of sagging markets around the world.

During Uli’s recent visit (march 6th to 10th) I was able to show him the improvements made and being made. The floundering nursery has become in the last 3 ½ months, a venture poised to become a major income generator. Our mechanic shop that was limping along is now producing some 40% of our total funding projects with potential to bring in even more. Our sales of bagged rock, sand, and cement, along with our water and snack sales have also increased.

I envision over the next few months, a surge in income generated by our enterprising endeavours. This would be much needed funds that will allow us, in very difficult financial times, to bring on additional clerical and clinical staff to ultimately increase and improve the services that we offer our clients.

Bash Enterprises the new Car repairs-shop