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Centre for Treatment established in Kabul

Nejat with the assistance of the European Union and DOH-International has opened a treatment and rehabilitation facility in Kabul. At present there are 12 persons receiving treatment and care residential in the Centre. The facility still lacks running water and electricity like the majority of Kabul’s population. Many of the residents have the additional burden of war-memories and related traumas to cope with, but all are in good spirit and quite eager to be able to but their lives on a “normal footing” as far as the circumstances allow.

The staffs is an excellent team, who, for most part have been working with Nejat previously in the refugee camps in Peshawar, Pakistan and therefore are well capable and trained for the task.

Helping people to rehabilitate themselves back into the mainstream of society is particularly difficult without providing opportunities for gainful employment. For this reason Nejat is also receiving assistance through the European Commission and DOH-International to set-up a workshop which will concentrate on simple car-maintenance services such as wheel balancing (roads in Kabul require this service frequently…); oil-change and simple repairs, carwash etc. Nai Zindagi of Pakistan, which has developed under a previous contract with the EC and DOH-International a significantly sophisticated car-workshop in Islamabad, will be assisting technically Nejat to get this part of the programme going.

We will keep you informed of the development of this programme!

Director saying good bye

Staff meeting in Nejat

Roads-are a little tough

Residents-having a get toge